(Game Programming, Planning, Art, R&D)


Realistic VR Swordsmanship

Experience the adventure of sword-based combat, merging real-life and VR. Every movement is finely tuned and mirrored directly in the virtual world, bringing you closer than ever to the action.

Real-time Online Multiplayer

You and three other adventures can team up to take down the enemy. With a variety of weapons and native voice chat, you can develop strategies with your team and head into combat!

Gargantuan in Size and Scale

Every defeat over a wave of enemies brings you one step closer to an adversary of epic proportions. Is your team strong enough to take down the gigantic nemesis, Gargantua?

My Input

My job in the team is to find aspects of the game that are lacking and work on fixing and improving them. That is why my roles are in almost all departments.

Here are some examples of the tasks I am undertaking in this project:

– Implementing gameplay systems –

– Designing 360 VR cutscene environments –

– Design and 3d model environment assets –

– Implementing UI Systems –

– Optimizing to keep a consistent game performance –

- Researching new technologies -


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