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Scott the PolterGeist

(3D Modeling)

Scott the PolterGeist Logo


In Scott the PolterGeist you play as the ghost Scott and your objective is to keep all intruder that are breaking into his mansion from steeling Scott’s treasures by scarring them away, but you must not let them see you or you’ll loose one of your three lives, instead you must use thing around you like slamming a door, turning off lights or possessing objects and make them hover in the air scarring anyone who sees it.


Scott was an extremely wealthy man who spent all his time expanding on his wealth. He liked collecting valuable things and would travel the world to obtain them. Even though he was known for putting up his collectibles on display, he never allowed visitors to see them. He was so greedy and selfish that he died chasing after a single coin. Being obsessively attached and protective over his fortune when he was alive, as a ghost all he does is haunt his mansion he once owned, making sure no intruder gets his hands on his beloved fortune.

My Input

In this project we had a team of three game developer students and each of was assign a part of the game. One was assigned for to program all of the game, another one was assigned to create all the textures and design the level and as for me I was assigned to Modeling all the assets in the game. bellow you can see the assets I worked on.

In-Game Screetshots

Scott the PolterGeist Screenshot
Scott the PolterGeist
Scott the PolterGeist
Scott the PolterGeist
Scott the PolterGeist
Scott the PolterGeist
Scott the PolterGeist


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