Monster Reapers VR

(Design, Programming, Environment Art)


As a Reaper sent out to hunt down monsters who have invaded the land, visit haunted locations filled with bats, ghosts and all sorts of strange beings.
Discover ancient treasures to enhance your abilities and try to make it as far as possible.
Each run will be different due to randomized buffs and procedurally generated stages.

This project was created using UE4 with a team of 2. We are still constantly updating the game on a monthly basis with new content.

My Input

On this project I programmed many of the systems, created some of the art and worked on designing all the levels and environments. 

Here are some examples of the tasks I am undertaking in this project:

– Managing Tasks and Deadlines –

– Ensuring Organized Project Files –

– Implementing Game Systems –

– Designed Levels –

– Created Level's Environment Art –


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