Furpunk Blast

(Game Project Managing, Design, Programming, Environment Art)


Co-Op Twin Stick Shooter with a strong emphasis on teamwork.

Work together with your partner in a steampunk inspired world where mice and cats are at war.

You can mount your partner to reach higher ground or unleash powerful super attacks after having filled up your gauge.

This project was created using UE4 with a team of 15 students over a short period of time.

My Input

On this project I was the project manager, making sure all documentation, game files and tasks are organized and on schedule. At some occasions the programming team and art team would need my help and so I also programmed some game systems, designed the levels and put together the environment art

Here are some examples of the tasks I am undertaking in this project:

– Managing Documentation –

– Managing Tasks and Deadlines –

– Ensuring Organized Project Files –

– Implementing Game Systems –

– Designed Levels –

– Created Level's Environment Art –



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